“My girlfriend usually walks around barefoot and these are the only thing she’ll put on her feet now. Great customer service as well.”
Alessandro – New York, NY

"Wow, these sandals are "AMAZING". I work in the medical field that requires standing on my feet at times for over 12 hours a day. After just a few days of using them, I have noticed a dramatic difference in how my feet feel. This was a dam good investment".
Carla D - Los Angeles, CA

"My feet were so sore prior to using them, but after using them a few times, my feet feel like heaven every time I put them on. I'm"
Irma - Long Beach, CA

"...the best thing that has ever happened to my feet."
Kendal - Las Vegas, NV

"Now I don't even need my man to massage my feet, so now I don't have to worry about him complaining about asking for long feet massages."
Barbara Gooding - Santa Monica, CA

"I can't wait to start buying them for my customers"
Barbara Gooding - Chicago, IL

......More testimonials to come.....


Disclaimer: Although our acupressure sandals are geared towards the prevention of illness and in the promotion of physical and mental well-being, they are not seen as a cure-all for certain and existing illnesses. For such conditions, we recommend that one seek medical attention or a doctor for further diagnosis.